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Data Retrieval & Analysis

Data Retrieval & Analysis

IridiumITI is a division of Onyx Investigation and Security Inc. and provides Data Retrieval and Analysis services.  Whether you need us once, once in a while, or on a regular basis, IridiumITI has a variety of services to suit your needs.

We specialize in "making data make sense", simplifying processes, streamlining your technology, and the recovery and analysis of data.

Data Retrieval

IridiumITI can assist with the retrieval of data from electronic devices including data that has been deleted, obfuscated or damaged.

NOTE:  Not all data can be retrieved and not all retrieved data remains 100% intact but regardless of your situation, the sooner you seek help the greater your chances are for retrieval of any kind.

We specialize in retrieving data from Windows and Linux operating systems (personal computers and servers) and will assess retrieval options with Android systems (mobile devices).  All iPhone requests are out-sourced to a third-party.

Digital Forensic Analysis

Businesses contemplating internal investigations or those businesses or individuals with pending legal action may need to assess, summarize and present digital evidence in a court environment.  This digital evidence must be handled in a very specific manner in order to be admissible and all reports must be thorough and precise.

As with basic Data Retrieval, the sooner you seek professional advice and assistance, the greater your chances are that evidence doesn't become corrupted, lost or mishandled.

Contact IridiumITI early in the process to ensure a smooth transition from information to evidence.

E-Discovery Support

Our E-Discovery Support is offered to Law Firms within Ontario.  We offer consultation services, data retrieval and analysis.