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Digital Security

Digital Security

Onyx Investigations and Security Inc. helps Individuals and Businesses ensure that their digital assets are secure, and that privacy and confidentiality requirements are maintained.

What are digital assets"?  Anything and everything stored online, on your laptop, your cell phone or thumb drive such as client files, financial data, marketing material, contact lists, emails and photos.  They are all Assets that are important to you personally and imperative to your business.

Digital Asset Protection

One of the greatest features of technology is the ability to customize just about everything!  Unfortunately, too many options often makes it easier to miss key areas of concern when it comes to securing your digital assets.

The first step in protecting your digital assets against malware, theft or damage is ensure that your data, software and devices are properly configured to protect your assets.  That protection can be enforced through proper User Configurations, Access Control, Anti-Malware tools, Policies and Procedures, and regular Updates.

Contact us today to see how we can help you protect your assets, including Malware Protection, Detection and Removal.

Data & System Backups

A key component to Digital Security is ensuring that backups are performed properly and regularly.  Data backups and System backups (which are not the same thing) are both required to protect your digital assets from Malware (particularly Ransomware), power outages, system failures and other interruptions.  Losing data can range from annoying to devastating - especially if the data lost pertains to your business.

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