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Onyx Investigations and Security Inc. offers a range of Investigative services for Individuals, Landlords, Micro- to Medium-sized Businesses, Law Firms and Insurance Companies.

All investigations are conducted with integrity and without bias.  Our investigators are fair, honest and thorough.

Verifying Information

Some investigations require only that information (or "intelligence") be verified according to its accuracy, completeness and truthfulness.  We help answer the questions "Was I provided all necessary information?", "Were any pertinent details omitted intentionally or by mistake?" and "Was any information exaggerated?"

These services are suitable for Landlords, Businesses, Business Owners and Investors.

Service Verification of...
Tenant Screening Information provided in residential or commercial tenant applications.
Employee ("Pre-Hire") Screening Information provided in a resume/CV and/or employment application as part of the hiring process.
Business/Investor Due Diligence Asset ownership and/or financial situation of a business or individual as part of a business venture.




Acquiring Evidence

Investigations that involve legal matters typically require that you need "evidence" not just "information".  In general terms, evidence  is information that is relevant to proving a disputed issue as part of legal proceedings and must, by default, comply with all legal rules of evidence.

Our services focus on the retrieval and analysis of digital evidence, in addition to obtaining Witness Statements.

These services are suitable for Law Firms, Insurance Companies, Businesses and Individuals involved in legal matters.

General Services

We have a range of general investigative services that may apply to different cases and are available to the general public.  These include:

Service Description
Person Locate Finding relatives, adoptive parents or individuals party to a legal case.
Judgment Recovery Recovering all or part of a legally awarded judgment.